Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

As a mid-sized company, we are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, costumers, suppliers and the environment. We are committed to promoting ethical standards and creating a working environment characterized by respect, intergrity and sustainability.

Integrity and Compliance

We commit to adhering to ethical and legal standards and conducting our business with integrity and honesty. We expect our employees and business partners to comply with applicable laws and regulations and act responsibly.

Human Rights and Working Conditions

We respect human rights and advocate for fair and safe working conditions. Dicrimination, harassment or exploitation are not tolerated within our company or throughout the supply chain.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

We are conscious of the impact of our business on the environment and actively work towards environmental protection and sustainability in our operations. We promote sustainable production and strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

Costumer Orientation and Quality

We strive to unterstand the needs of our costumers and meet their expectations completely. We emphasize quality in all our products.

Collaboration and Transparency

We encourage open and transparentcommunication within and outside the company. We value collaboration and engagement with our employees, costumers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Additionally, we ensure that our employees do not find themselves in situations where their personal or financial interests conflict with those of the company or its business partners.

Data Privacy

Our company repects the privacy and protection of personal data for all parties involved and operates in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

We expect all our employees and business partners to adhere to our Code of Conduct and advocate for the adherence to these principles. We believe that compliance contributes to leading our company successfully, sustainably and in harmony with the environment.