Code of Conduct

Principles of our philosophy

VOSSCHEMIE GmbH respects laws and standards. Every employee must comply with applicable legal provisions.


Code of conduct

Our employees must act in such a way that they can serve as an example to others. Trustworthiness, honesty and fairness must determine each individual's actions. Humility and straightforwardness in day-to-day business, endurance and hard work are also key.

The principles of sporting fairness are to be applied to business operations. VOSSCHEMIE promotes a culture of trust at all times.

"Proper and orderly business operations" implies a whole range of patterns of behaviour that serve as the basis for our actions and business principles.


We're a partner to our customers

Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our business. We're innovative and offer professional quality at fair prices. Our market observations enable us to approach future requirements with ease and to respond quickly to customer needs. Mutual respect between customers and our employees is always to be ensured through reliability and expertise in quality and costs.


VOSSCHEMIE behaves fairly in the competitive arena

Vosschemie does not wish to gain advantages through unfair means such as gifts, benefits in kind and payments to customers. Granting and accepting personal advantages is strictly prohibited.


We demand exemplary business behaviour

Suppliers and service providers must comply with our principles, exhibiting first-rate approaches in quality and costs and demonstrating innovation and reliability. In return, we offer reliable, fair business relationships for the benefit of both sides. Decisions are made based on sensible commercial criteria.

We're on the way to making our company a leading player in our sector. This goal forms the basis for our actions.